I hadn’t seen my children in 25 years. is bringing eye care to the people in Tanzania, a place where it's practically nonexistent.  Donating $1 can provide glasses to a person in Kibosho-Umbwe. $55 dollars can pay for a cataract surgery. 

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The majority of people in Kibosho-Umbwe and neighboring areas suffer from preventable eye problems mostly caused by damaging sun exposure. Many adults and children develop conditions, such as cataracts, too early in life. This results in extremely blurry eyesight and yellow-tinted vision. Without vision care, too many people are left with severe impairment and vision loss.

Please help us raise money to bring vision care to the people of Kibosho-Umbwe and neighboring villages again this summer. 

You can also help us raise awareness by sharing a beautiful image and using the hashtag #EyeDonated. When the people of Kibosho-Umbwe can see again, we will show them your photo and how beautiful our world truly is. 

Photo Credit: Claudia Paul


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I’m sharing this picture to raise awareness for vision loss in Tanzania. My hope is that one day the people there will be able to see our world with the help of #EyeDonated. Spread the word by sharing a photo and tagging 2 friends. 


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